Carter Hays – #EastNashville: Please let me back in!

We keep getting tips about this East Nashvillian (or is it villain?) so we figured we would publish a few. The first of which is a plea from Carter Hays to the admins of the East Nashville Facebook Group… we’re told it goes something like this:

“Please let me back in! Pretty Please. I’m a good boy now!”

Now while we’re quite sure that no one really cares, but we figured we would post it anyways, since he has at least one follower, supporter, or person who maybe he paid to write a song for him? Either way we present Seth Graves  with ‘Inquisitive Son’ – a song presented to the admins of the Official East Nashville Facebook Group:

We had to dig a bit to find out the story behind all this, but we’re told that sometime last year, our dear little Carter Hays was asking too many stupid questions in the East Nashville group, and was annoying people, and being very paranoid, and was finally booted and banned from the group – at which time he started his own group called ‘East Nashville Questions’… which was initially successful, however in the most recent months the activity is at an all time low, despite the group population – mainly due to him spreading his paranoia and people being afraid to post and to one of his friends making a competing ‘South Nashville Questions’ group of which we are a member, and we must say is MUCH more entertaining than Carter’s group.

So we are hearing that Carter is feeling both left out and wants to abandon his Questions group(s) and rejoin the official East Nashville Group – and no one has asked our opinion, but we’re guessing that’s a ‘NO’ vote from the admins. Sorry, Carter Hays, better luck next time. We would offer you a drink, but we’re afraid you’d drink and drive with no license again, and we don’t want to be responsible for that.

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