Carter Hays: DUI – Paranoia isn’t new – “They’re messing with me!” – Refuses Breathalyzer, doesn’t know own address

Thanks to a hotline tip submission we are re-hashing what another local blog previously posted, with some more added content & details. Carter Hays, the self-proclaimed ‘Master of the East Nashville Universe’ – quite the laughable title for someone who is simply a Facebook group admin of a quickly diminishing Facebook group that has lost it’s relevance since it’s inception last year when Hays was rightly kicked from the main East Nashville group, for well, being himself, isn’t quite the good little boy that he pretends to be online. Here’s a short video of Carter Hays, in case you’re not familiar with him (as we assume most people aren’t).

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Video from Instagram: @thecarterhays (previously @cart0r)

Carter Hays is quite the typical nearly-30-something facebook admin – his happiness revolves around how many likes and comments he receives on his posts. He also thinks everyone is out to get him, and is quite the paranoid guy. Maybe he has good reason, maybe not. It turns out that it’s not just online that he’s the paranoid type either – on his most recent arrest for being drunk at a McDonald’s drive-thru, he thought he ordered, pulled to the window, got into an argument with the employees, acted stupidly drunk, and then told officers that he really did place an order and that “they’re messing with me”! No, Carter, you did not place an order. You were drunk, and driving without a license. Here’s the charges he’s had:

hays charge list all

Here’s the details of those charges, including DUI, Implied Consent, Possession of Revoked Drivers License, and driving on a suspended license. Not exactly the good boy he pretends to be online, in fact, here’s a coy of his criminal records for Nashville:

Download (PDF, 97KB)

However, if you want to read the really good details, you’ll want to check out the affidavit. below.. this tells QUITE the story:

Download (PDF, 123KB)

 Here’s the text of the affidavit:

“On 5-30-15, the manager at the McDonald’s at 2212 Nolensville called Police to advise of a disorderly customer. According to her, the defendant was in a silver Honda in the drive-thru line and was yelling at them through the window, honking his horn and causing a disturbance. Officer Lewton made contact with the defendant, who advised he just wanted his food. According to the manager, he never ordered. The defendant stated the employees were “messing with him,” and maintains that he did order food. The defendant admitted to Officer Lewton he had consumed alcohol, but did not specify how much. I made contact with the defendant, and noticed an odor of alcohol coming from his person. He eyes were watery and he was slightly unsteady on his feet. He admitted to consuming one and a half beers throughout the night. At around 0230 hrs, I asked if he knew the current time. He advised he believed it was a little after midnight. I asked him his address according to his DL, and he was unable to provide the correct numerical. He consented to perform SFST, and showed some indicators on each task. After performing the tasks, he was asked again how much alcohol he had consumed. He stated 1-2, and then advised it was only one. He was taken into custody, and read Implied Consent. He refused to submit to a breath test, and was transported to booking.”

According to the tip we received he keeps getting fired from jobs, and is so paranoid that he believes that people are after him and “getting him fired” – again, this is likely the result of delayed background checks, or employers finding out about criminal charges. Dear young Carter – not everyone is after you, or ‘messing with’ you, don’t be so paranoid… Sincerely, the world.


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  2. Jen - DUI

    It is unfortunate that it has gotten up to this. Obviously, Carter needs help. Whether he is faking the paranoia or not, he needs to talk to a professional and he needs the support of the people around him. I wish him all the best.


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