Troy Anderson – #ColdHardTruth or Mr. Double Life?

“thou doth protest too much”

UPDATE: Updated to add, that even though we do give Troy a hard time about his online persona – he is ONE HELL of a roofer.. so if you need any roof work done, we would recommend him 100%.. we’ve never heard a bad thing about his work ethic, that’s for sure.. he IS one of the hardest working guys we know.. you can’t get that body from being lazy, right ladies? Troy, if you want to comment your contact info, we’ll add it for you, or a biz card.

We really had planned on taking the weekend off, the last couple of posts were pre-written and scheduled in advance so we could enjoy the last of a lake weekend, but we got our first note on the tipline, with some interesting images  to say the least. As before we only present the images, you decide. Let’s start with good ‘ole boy Troy Anderson, who has this philosophy:


Of course, Mr. Nice Guy, that’s fair enough, and we even happen to agree with you. However we have to question why we noticed your stand on transsexuals and were sent your Grindr (a gay hookup app) profile photos? Can you really have it both way? Do you think you’re being mean? are you fooling anyone? From our tips@ inbox:

tandg5 tandg7 tandg8 tandg2

And then we found this in your thinking of the LGBT+ Community.. where do you really stand?






So the real question is, are you going to apologize to our friend Lawwren, or ask Kacie Swope how to help you sell your own underwear?






  1. Troy

    If you read all that poast that you reposted of me you would see where I admitted I was wrong an should of asked for transgenders opinions as well. I showed that I was not , to faced an again i was able to admit where i was wrong . Cant get more real then that. I dont think mean people admit to being wrong. An no where in that poast did I use hate speech to decuss a topic. #coldhardtruth thanks for the plug though. #coldhardtruth

    1. EN News (Post author)

      indeed, and check out our update at the top, Troy! and we’ll take a pair of those undies ! 🙂

  2. Lurren Crowknee

    As I remember, Troy and I already talked it out, so no outrage needed.


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