Troy Anderson vs. Beyond the Edge: Round I – FIGHT! Round II – Apology!

Troy Anderson just can’t seem to hop off the gossip train. Last year it was his alter-go on gay dating sites, last week it was him and his charges getting dismissed and 15K in child support and suspended licenses – and now he’s started picking fights with East Nashville Bars, BTE (Beyond the Edge) is his current opponent.

Before we show you his current battle.. let’s remind you of his previous altercation when he got kicked out of a bar:

The defendant tried to reenter that location several times and each time was asked by security to leave. The defendant then started becoming aggressive to security and pedestrians walking nearby. Officers responded to the scene and got the defendant a taxi cab to give him a ride to his residence. The defendant told officers that he would be going to his residence and not returning to that location. Approximately 5 minutes later the taxi cab driver approached officers and told them that the defendant got out of the cab one block down the road and then walked back to the location. The defendant was again trying to reenter the business establishment and being aggressive towards people in his vicinity. The defendant showed several signs of intoxication. His speech was slow and slurred. An odor of alcohol could be smelled emitting from his breath as he spoke and on his persons. His eyes were very bloodshot and watery, and he admitted to consuming a large amount of alcohol.

This time he wasn’t arrested (as he was for the above incident) – instead he took his battle to social media, at first slamming the bar in several posts, then days later apologizing an deleting the original posts that complained about Beyond the Edge.

March 17th – Troy begins his complains about BTE (Beyond the Edge)

bte complaint

A day later he’s still upset and is still complaining on social media, though justifying his actions

bte banned

The next phase is, of course, trying to get sympathy and agreement from friends


bte seize

And that brings us to – THE APOLOGY! We’re not sure why he chose this morning to apologize, maybe he REALLY wants back in the bar? But this is certainly not like the Troy we have come to know. Perhaps he gave some bad reviews and they said something to him?

bte apology

So, if you’ve made it this far – Troy goes into the bar with a girl (by his own account above he is often seen there with a different girl on each visit – claims this may be why they don’t like him) – the girl has a seizure and the ambulance comes to check her out, she refuses treatment – and the bar believes she may be on drugs (we’re not saying they were right or wrong – we were not there) and caused a commotion, so they ban Troy from the bar (and her too, maybe? we’re not sure.) At any rate, Troy is now publicly making apologies on social media – so we have to wonder what’s REALLY behind the motivation for this?



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