Connell (Dan) Beasley of TradeJack Services Gives No Apology for Sexist Male-Only Help Wanted Posting & Makes Homophobic Statements

We can debate at length about the legalities of whether a small business should be able to specify they are hiring for a ‘male’ candidate for an open position, instead of it just being open to everyone. The real question comes down to whether or not you would give that company your business, as a customer, based on your own ethics and views. At the end of the day, despite it being legal or illegal, if people are still willing to support those business practices, then the business will find a way around the legalities (Hooters is a great example); and at the end of this day, the owner of this small business in question stood by his job posting, and told those that had an issue with it, if they “…are offended thst[sic] I used the term “man” in the original post, then there are places and organizations available to you to volunteer your self. Im not interested in a political debate here…

TradeJack Services, owned and operated by Connell (Dan) Beasley, is an East Nashville handyman company, that is properly registered with the county (verified by screenshot below). Recently the owner of TradeJack Services posted the following job posting, looking to hire someone to fill the open position in his small business:

tradejack services connell beasley jop now hiring ad

the text of the public posting reads:

“I need a man with a valid driver license, preferably a truck and tools, and some level of experience or working knowledge in maintenance and construction/ remod work. No Theft, sex , or drug charges on record. Top pay and every Sunday and monday off 6159435163 serious inquiries, serious men not afraid of work, need apply”

A few days later, he follows up  by sharing the job opening to the East Nashville group, and adding this text:

“If your afraid of getting dirty, sweating, or are incapable of controlling your language around my customers, you need not apply. Im a southern gentleman, and demand absolute professional, courteous, demeanor around my clients. Need part time work? Lets talk. Need full time work? Then bring your A game. 6159435163”

Do you consider this to be a sexist job posting? Does he feel that a woman is incapable of doing this work?  When questioned about the job posting asking for men only (and his grammar) he had the following reply:

connell response

“…are offended thst I used the term “man” in the original post, then there are places and organizations available to you to volunteer your self. Im not interested in a political debate here…

Yes, that’s right, Connell Beasley, owner of TradeJack Services said if you had a problem with him using the term ‘man’ in the job posting ad, then there are places and organizations you can volunteer with to calm your hurt.

Just as we were about to post this article, we located Dan’s twitter account, which now also has issues with the Gay/LGBT Community, too:

connell gay

So, the question remains, will you do business with TradeJack Services?

connell dan tradejack business card

Public business registration in Davidson County, since 10/01/2015:

reg davidson co clerk

Original Facebook Posting as submitted to ENN:





  1. Tara Nova

    I find this attack on TradeJack Services to be ludicrous and borderline guilty of libel. Dan has provided excellent service on a job I needed done, and he did so expeditiously, courteously and professionally. TradeJack was the only company I worked with that was reliable, efficient and actually did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. To attack someone’s business because he placed an ad for a handy’man’ is unethical. He is an upstanding professional; and I am sure if a woman provided her application and resume, he would have fully considered hiring her if she was capable of the jobs he needed performed. This article should be reported and taken down.

    1. Paul Nicholson

      who would you like to report the article to? The neighborhood blog police? We’ll be sure to let our executive board know of your disgust with our posting of his own words, in screenshot form so they couldn’t be changed by us.

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