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Vanderbilt Police Forcibly Remove 70yo Veteran From Hospital Bed to Arrest Him Mid-Meal After Hospital Calls Police For Hoarding Meds They Gave Him

Compassion is something that police departments often fail at. Recognizing addiction problems, especially in our older veteran population, and helping them get treatment instead of jail, is often another. Vanderbilt Police officers are no different, and technically fall under the…
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Man Posts “I’m going 2 jail rn” and Knows OCA & PO Box to Write Him From Memory, posts to Facebook as He’s Being Arrested

If you know your OCA number by heart, you might have spent too many nights in jail. the OCA number in Nashville is an inmate identification number, used for everything, including phone, commisary, & mail delivery. For Matthew Belcher, who…
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Fast Freddie: 50+ Charges & a $900,000.00 lawsuit – Arrested Again in East Nashville! A History of Fast Freddy

‘Fast Freddy’, or as he was born, Ernest Fred Brown, was arrested yet again on Wednesday for a theft on Boscobel just hours after a neighbor posted images of him caught in the act on social media. One thing about…
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‘Tori’ Victoria Barbee: Still Advertising Marijuana Edibles on Social Media, and Avoiding Rent-A-Center Repo Men for her 2 TV’s & Washer/Dryer

5 weeks ago, we told you about ‘Tori’ (Victoria Barbee) who was selling marijuana edibles online in plain view on publicly available facebook, instagram, and snapchat. For a few weeks she took a break from selling on social media –…
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ARREST: Candace Cole – Don’t Shoplift With Friends That Will Turn You In!

On Monday. 08/28, Candace Donyal Cole was arrested for theft of merchandise from her Sunday evening shopping trip at Citi Trends, which she shops at regularly. According to store surveillance, and witness statements, Candace Cole was shopping at Citi Trends…
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Hip Donelson, Inc (Non-Profit) State License to Solicit Donations is EXPIRED, 2016 IRS Filings 3+ Months Past Due

One thing Frank Trew did for the community was to create a non profit called ‘Hip Donelson, Inc.’ – many people may be more familiar with the facebook group of the same name, from which the non profit organization evolved….
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