ARREST: Brett Dollarhide Arrested for Credit Card Fraud, Owner of All American Home Improvement

Brett Dollarhide was arrested today for Credit Card Fraud, that occurred on June 1st. Dollarhide lists himself as the owner of ‘All American Home Improvement’, and often posts in neighborhood groups on social media to solicit work – however he is not registered to do any actual business here in Nashville, or elsewhere in the state under that name. There is a company with the same name, out of Bristol, of which he has no relation to. He is being held in Davidson county on a $5,000 bond.

From the police report:

[victim] notified police that her ex-boyfriend Brett Dollarhide had stolen her keys and her capital bank debit card. Victim stated that the suspect had agreed to come over to her residence and fix some things around the house. Victim stated that the suspect was at her residence from approximately 1200 hours today, 06/04/2017 until approximately 1800 hours. Victim stated that she was in the other room when she heard the suspect start his truck and leave the residence. Victim stated that she then called the suspect and was informed by the suspect that he was just going to the store. Victim advised that the suspect never returned back to the residence. Victim stated that she went to leave the house and was unable to find her keys and her wallet. Victim stated that she then checked her bank account at that time and noticed that the suspect had used her capital back debit card twice on 06/01/2017 at two different ATM’s, taking out a total of $240.00. Victim stated that she noticed that the suspect had again used her capital bank card today, 06/04/2017 at two different ATM’s taking out a total of $163.00 from her account. Victim stated that she did not give the suspect access to her debit card but believes that the suspect had guessed what the pin number was due to she uses the same pin number for everything else.[victim] had Brett admit to the theft of her card and to admit the unauthorized used of her ATM card via text messages. [victim] provided screenshots of Brett messages with his admissions to Domestic Violence Detective Lopez.

Dollarhide has a history of theft – back in 2013 he was working as a bartender at his grandmother’s bar (Friends Bar & Grill on Clarksville Hwy) when he admitted to stealing the bank bag with $900 in it, which he used to buy drugs nearby. From the 2013 affidavit:

The defendant is a bartender for Friends Bar and Grill located at 5181 Clarksville Hwy. The manager, Chessie D. Scott is also the defendants Grandmother. Chessie D. Scott told police that the defendant took a bank bag with approximately 900 dollars in it from the business. The money was from the profits of the business from the day of 5/28/2013. The defendant told Ms. Scott that he took the money, went to the Hallmark in and bought heroin. The defendant told Ms. Scott that he had some money left over in his pocket from the took from the business. The defendant had 32 dollars in 1 dollar bills that he returned to Ms. Scott. the defendant was then taken into custody. Ms. Scott stated that she wanted to prosecute but could not at this time because she was upset and because of her heart condition. The conversation that took place where the defendant admitted to taking the money and buying heroin was made in your affiants presence.

For that charge he initially received probation, however it was revoked a year later and he was ordered to serve his 11/29 sentence in entirety.


Dollarhide is scheduled to appear in court to answer on the credit card fraud charge on 08/21.




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