ARREST: Drunken Josh Hunley “I’m going to rape the police force”; Assaults MNPD Officer.

**UPDATE 03/12/18** – After a court hearing on 03/07/2018, the resisting arrest charge was dropped by the state outright, and the assault of an officer charge was dismissed with costs to the defendant, of which all have been paid.

Just after midnight on January 17th, Josh Hunley ended his night of drinking at Bar Louie and went home to his apartment at The Icon building. That’s where he was end up threatening to “rape the police force” and assault an MNPD Officer.

Hunley, who is a financial adviser, entered the Icon building and reportedly got into an altercation with the night manager in the lobby before continuing up to his apartment. The night manager called MNPD to report the altercation, and officers responded to speak with Hunley just before 1AM.

Hunley opened his door and immediately presented with a strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes, according to a police report. He stood in the doorway to speak with officers, stating he had just gotten home from drinking at Bar Louie, but denied making any verbally combative statements to the night manager in the lobby.

When MNPD Officers asked for his identification & phone number, Henley immediately became hostile, and turned to run back into his apartment, attempting to slam the door on the officers who were standing in the doorway. Officer Anderson’s leg and foot were in the doorway as Henley attempted to slam it shut and bolt the door.

Officers attempted to place Joshua Hunley into custody, but he began to swing his arms at officers and continuously tried to run away and resist. He refused to put on his shoes, and stated that he was “going to rape the police force”. Hunley was taken into custody and charged with Assault of Officer, and Resisting Arrest. His bond was set at $2,000 which he posted directly via cash/credit with the court, and will appear in court on 02/09/2018.


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