About EN News

You’ve found East Nashville News! Though nothing on the site is ‘satire’, we’re not a 100% ‘serious’ news site all the time, we’ll leave that to those with million dollar budgets or the cheap bastards that just re-post whatever the major outlets publish from an RSS feed. Instead, we focus on a mix of the serious news, and the REAL news of the neighborhood that you want to hear – along with the lighter side of some of the stories… after all, we are ‘more neighbor, less hood’, right?

This is the stuff you’ll hear while running with the East Nasty group, or while riding in the car drinking your wine, while you try to pretend to stop so the runners can cross in front of you. ┬áThis is the stuff that makes you pick up your phone and call your BFF, because you won’t find this stuff on News2.

[OK, so correction, to our surprise WKRN, WSMV, and WTVF among other have picked up several of our stories – so you MAY see this stuff on the news, too!]