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Nashville Electric Service (NES) Spends Money on Custom Signage to BAN Pokemon Go ‘Activities’ for Customers While On Public Utility’s Property. [UPDATED]

Don’t open the app on your phone, allow your kids to have the trading cards, or even talk about Pokemon go while at NES! All these related activities are supposedly ‘PROHIBITED’! **UPDATE BELOW, in a response NES states they “had…
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Nashville Fire Department: Employees & Salaries

We’ve had a few inquiries to publish a list of the MNFD Employees, since they seem to be commenting to news articles and behaving badly on social media – and since all of that information is 100% available via public…
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Nashville Fire District Chief Tim Lankford “So Disturbed” by Gay Marriage Ruling, He Can “Barely Even Function” at His Job

UPDATE: See recent updates on the Tim Lankford Social Media Nightmare… and more local media coverage here. In our 5th installment, Nashville Fire Department District EMS Chief, Tim Lankford, doesn’t even attempt to hide his views of the LGBT Community…
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Is it Proper for DA’s Office & Public to Give Gifts/Money to Nashville Police Officer?

Recently, Metro Nashville Police (MNPD) Officer Josh Hausman was injured on the job, when a suspect stabbed him in his left hand – and after some stitches at the hospital was at home recovering within a few hours of the…
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