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Shots Fired At Crazy Horse Strip Club. Shooter says he doesn’t like “Those Places” & Threatens to Kill Employees | Bryan Woodard

Late on Friday night (01/05/18), Bryan Woodard went to the Crazy Horse Nashville, a strip club, parked in the parking lot, got a handgun from the backseat of his vehicle, and began firing shots in the parking lot. According to…
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Crime / Arrests

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.40 Caliber Shell Forces Resident from East Nashville Home – Realtors Rejoice!

As seen on today’s episode of the East Nashville FB Group Live!, a local resident Tasha Thompson screams (bloody murder!, perhaps?) about finding a spent .40 caliber Smith & Wesson shell at the end of her driveway. Plot Twist: it…
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Micheal Puckett: Felon Handyman – Reformed OR Relapsed?

You probably remember our Neighborhood Watch story about Micheal Puckett, a handyman felon (violent, not some drug charge), trying to get odd jobs working in peoples homes after he got out of prison for shooting someone, despite total compliance while…
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Neighborhood Watch

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