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Nashville Firefighter Josh Brown Slurs Fat People, Transgender People, Gay People, Among Others

Nashville Firefighter Robert ‘Josh’ Brown has some very bold opinions – especially toward other humans. He has a lot to say about Fat people, gay people, transgender people, and even people who receive government assistance… even going as far as…
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Vanderbilt Police Forcibly Remove 70yo Veteran From Hospital Bed to Arrest Him Mid-Meal After Hospital Calls Police For Hoarding Meds They Gave Him

Compassion is something that police departments often fail at. Recognizing addiction problems, especially in our older veteran population, and helping them get treatment instead of jail, is often another. Vanderbilt Police officers are no different, and technically fall under the…
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Shenanigoats Yoga Instructor Cited for Codes Violation

On Monday (07/17), a neighbor of Bari Miley contacted the Metro Codes Department via phone. This particular neighbor was upset, because Miley, who happens to be a yoga instructor, has been leading yoga sessions in her back yard on Leland…
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Nashville Electric Service (NES) Spends Money on Custom Signage to BAN Pokemon Go ‘Activities’ for Customers While On Public Utility’s Property. [UPDATED]

Don’t open the app on your phone, allow your kids to have the trading cards, or even talk about Pokemon go while at NES! All these related activities are supposedly ‘PROHIBITED’! **UPDATE BELOW, in a response NES states they “had…
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East Nashville Trash Collectors: Modern Day Tip Mafia

They know where you live. They know what you discard. They know what you’ve bought lately, and if they were the trashmen of yesteryear they could make big cash money by providing this info to crooks on the side (“The…
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