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Hempopotamus Owner Kim Hussey: Reserves Personal Parking Spot on Public Street w/Cones – Bad Neighbor

Kim Hussey, owner of Hempopotamus on Fatherland, may be selling hemp products and CBD oil legally in her shop, but her actions on her street at home are not of the legal nature. That’s right – Kim Hussey is one…
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.40 Caliber Shell Forces Resident from East Nashville Home – Realtors Rejoice!

As seen on today’s episode of the East Nashville FB Group Live!, a local resident Tasha Thompson screams (bloody murder!, perhaps?) about finding a spent .40 caliber Smith & Wesson shell at the end of her driveway. Plot Twist: it…
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Charles Chesney: In Contempt & Behind Bars!

If you’ve lived here in East Nashville for any length of time, then you are familiar with the crazy loudmouth, ranting, raving, walking-down-the-centerline, drunk, high, screaming at the top of his lungs, flag carrying, singing, cape wearing, tripping, literal crazy…
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East Nashville “Crime Prevention” Meeting & Meet Neighborhood Watch Captain Bob Acuff

We’ve had enough ride-share entertainment for this week, and have nearly 20 similar ones in the tipbox in case it’s a slow news day anytime soon – so let’s get back to the real ‘East Nashville’ business… you ¬†know the…
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UPDATED: Neighborhood Watchful: The Wimpy Boyfriend SkinnyJeans Edition

**UPDATED:¬†Jenny Obert Responds: “You’re like the Onion, only better!”** We ALL want that strong powerful boyfriend – am I right, ladies? The man that takes out the trash, and still looks good in skinny jeans, right? The kind that can…
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Neighborhood Watchful: Suspicious Black/Brown Male Reported by a Racist Hipster Edition

It just wouldn’t be the same if an entire day passed without this happening in East Nashville: White hipster chick (the kind from those Aerial Developments) goes jogging through a perfectly nice neighborhood and sees a non-white person either on…
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