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Charles Chesney: In Contempt & Behind Bars!

If you’ve lived here in East Nashville for any length of time, then you are familiar with the crazy loudmouth, ranting, raving, walking-down-the-centerline, drunk, high, screaming at the top of his lungs, flag carrying, singing, cape wearing, tripping, literal crazy…
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Neighborhood Watch

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East Nashville “Crime Prevention” Meeting & Meet Neighborhood Watch Captain Bob Acuff

We’ve had enough ride-share entertainment for this week, and have nearly 20 similar ones in the tipbox in case it’s a slow news day anytime soon – so let’s get back to the real ‘East Nashville’ business… you ¬†know the…
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UPDATED: Neighborhood Watchful: The Wimpy Boyfriend SkinnyJeans Edition

**UPDATED:¬†Jenny Obert Responds: “You’re like the Onion, only better!”** We ALL want that strong powerful boyfriend – am I right, ladies? The man that takes out the trash, and still looks good in skinny jeans, right? The kind that can…
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Neighborhood Watchful: Suspicious Black/Brown Male Reported by a Racist Hipster Edition

It just wouldn’t be the same if an entire day passed without this happening in East Nashville: White hipster chick (the kind from those Aerial Developments) goes jogging through a perfectly nice neighborhood and sees a non-white person either on…
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Neighborhood Watch

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