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Kaitlyn Andrews: Drugs, Crimes, & She Wants to Clean YOUR House for Some Quick CASH!

We’re always curious about the people that advertise their ‘house cleaning’ services on the East Nashville Facebook group – there are so many questions – such as… are you bonded/licensed, are you a criminal, will you steal all my stuff,…
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.40 Caliber Shell Forces Resident from East Nashville Home – Realtors Rejoice!

As seen on today’s episode of the East Nashville FB Group Live!, a local resident Tasha Thompson screams (bloody murder!, perhaps?) about finding a spent .40 caliber Smith & Wesson shell at the end of her driveway. Plot Twist: it…
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Bad Neighbor: David Price AKA “Owner of Public Street Parking Spot”

Ohhh, David Price, welcome to East Nashville. We understand that you’re from a the small town of Troy in Alabama, where all parking is done in driveways or the backyard, so it’s time you understand how some things work here…
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Charles Chesney: In Contempt & Behind Bars!

If you’ve lived here in East Nashville for any length of time, then you are familiar with the crazy loudmouth, ranting, raving, walking-down-the-centerline, drunk, high, screaming at the top of his lungs, flag carrying, singing, cape wearing, tripping, literal crazy…
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