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Lyft Passenger Banned for being “just one of those women where she knows it all”, “alpha female”, “biggest most arrogant, conceited bitch”, According to Driver Shawn Reed. But Was She?

Nashville Lyft Driver Shawn Reed describes a passenger as “just one of those women where she knows it all, alpha female”; “the biggest most arrogant, conceited bitch”. What brought about this description of a passenger by her driver? Imagine if…
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Connell (Dan) Beasley of TradeJack Services Gives No Apology for Sexist Male-Only Help Wanted Posting & Makes Homophobic Statements

We can debate at length about the legalities of whether a small business should be able to specify they are hiring for a ‘male’ candidate for an open position, instead of it just being open to everyone. The real question…
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