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Nashville Uber/Lyft Driver Marc Bills Says Protesters from Black College Should be Pepper Sprayed & Chained To a Tailgate

On Wednesday, around a hundred students from historically black Fisk University protested the election of Donald Trump as President Elect, and shut down traffic on several streets near the capitol. Nashville Uber & Lyft drivers were among the first to…
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From the view of an Uber: Nashville Party Wagon Hoe-Down

Uber Driver David Aziz sent the following footage, taken in downtown Nashville. When we call this a ‘hoe-down’ it’s not just a random description. You’ll see once you press play.  Just when you think you’ve seen every variation of bridesmaids…
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Uber: Why Passenger Rating Matters – Are Drivers Refusing Your Ride? – Jonathan Russell

Just because they CAN, doesn’t mean they SHOULD. We’re talking about Uber & Lyft drivers cancelling or not accepting a ride request, just because a passenger has a ‘low rating’. Passenger Ratings should not have any effect on whether your…
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