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ARREST: 20yo Mitchell Wagner Pulls Out Penis in Women’s Restroom @ Vanderbilt Stadium, Urinates Everywhere

20 year-old Mitchell Wagner was at yesterday’s Vanderbilt vs. UK game at Vanderbilt Stadium. Then he had to go use the restroom. Per a MNPD police report, just after 4PM, Wagner entered the women’s restroom at Vanderbilt Stadium, pulled out…
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Denzel Boatright Can’t Stop Stealing From His Fast Food Jobs

Denzel Boatright, 23, was arrested on Friday night for stealing from an employer, Au Bon Pain at Vanderbilt, while he was already awaiting trial for stealing from another previous employer, Buffalo Wild Wings. According to MNPD, $900.00 was stolen from…
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Vanderbilt Police Forcibly Remove 70yo Veteran From Hospital Bed to Arrest Him Mid-Meal After Hospital Calls Police For Hoarding Meds They Gave Him

Compassion is something that police departments often fail at. Recognizing addiction problems, especially in our older veteran population, and helping them get treatment instead of jail, is often another. Vanderbilt Police officers are no different, and technically fall under the…
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